Strangest thing happened last week. Internet Explorer 11; ... AutoComplete option is not working properly in Internet Explorer 11. I'm trying to use the autocomplete feature but it's not working in IE. The demos on work fine in IE8 and IE9. Hi I am working on this issue where my website working fine with all the browser and but on the some of the jquery related staff not working on IE 10 & Join the conversation now. Hello, Jquery ui auto-complete is not working properly in IE8.I'm getting the value when start typing but after select the value,` its not closing drop-down If AutoComplete is enabled and still not working correctly, there may be a problem with a file in your RoamCache folder. I've got the new autocomplete widget in jQuery UI 1.8rc3 working great in Firefox. Please file jQuery UI bugs at the jQuery UI bug tracker. b) Click/tap on the Windows logo and type User Accounts. Theming The autocomplete widget uses the jQuery UI CSS framework to style its look and feel. How will it be able to work in IE8 and IE 9 . I have two OpenCart webshops, and in one is autocomplete working but in the other not (in the admin). Follow the steps to delete the corrupted user account profile: a) Login to your new User Profile. I am trying to use jQuery UI Autocomplete with a remote JSON source. Firefox works fine but in IE I keep getting an "undefined" alert popup when using Works fine in Firefox but does nothing in IE. JQUERY autocomplete working in chrome and firefox but not working in IE Web Design I am using a variable from a function to create a autocomplete functionality, here is the code: function autocomplete(mp_info){var request_data = IE10. If autocomplete specific styling is needed, the following CSS class names can be used for overrides or as keys for the classes option: I developed an application page for SharePoint, and installed it and the page shows up just fine. How to re-produce: Use the following dropdown below: Can someone help me out? Wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue and found a work around that works in IE 11 ... in the HTML using jQuery, ... IE 11 Workaround for Autocomplete Off. Hello all, I'm using the autocomplete plugin ( autocomplete/demo/) and everything runs fine in Firefox and Opera, but in Internet I would suggest you to create a new user account and check. The demos on work fine in IE8 and IE9. 'location.protocol' is null or not an object. ... IE 9 from drop down menu See if autocomplete works now. Please help...thanks Making IE 10's clear field ("X") button and jQuery UI autocomplete play nice This morning when I logged on I was surprised to discover IE 10 had been installed onto my machine. autocomplete not working tried everything. The user will have the ability to type in some information, just like a My autocomplete field works in each browser/version expect for IE9 when in IE9 doc mode. Step 3: If the new user profile is working fine, then delete the old user. I developed an application page for SharePoint, and installed it and the page shows up just fine. My CEO informed me that his IE11 AutoComplete does not work for his history in his address bar. Its working IE11 but not working IE8 and IE9. IE10. c) Now, select Settings and then select the User Accounts icon. I am using Jquery Autocomplete . Forum thread about Autocomplete not working in IE9 (can't type) in Kendo UI for jQuery. Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the jQuery project! Please provide a reduced test case that shows the issue. But in other browsers they work both. Again to enable Internet Explorer-check the option for Internet Explorer and check with the issue. Please provide solution as soon as possible. I am using jquery 1.9.1 and jquery ui 1.10.2 from jquery's CDN.