The American Health Care System is Dominated by 3rd Parties Making Care Decisions

Patients and doctors alike are being crushed by the current health care system, where government and insurers, instead of patients and medical professionals, make health care decisions. Administrators have grown at a much faster rate than physicians in the past two decades. Vast numbers of administrators are required to facilitate the many layers of billing, [...]

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Top Ideas Emerge from National Conference of Doctors

Let My Doctor Practice is a growing movement to promote responsible change in the health care system by restoring physicians’ autonomy and protecting the doctor-patient relationship. Let My Doctor Practice believes in the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, the autonomy to practice medicine without restraint imposed by overreaching government and corporate entities, and, above all, [...]

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Webcast Instructions

Welcome to the Summit at the Summit Webcast! If you have already registered for the webcast, and do not have the webcast link and password from Eventbrite, please email us at or call us 513-486-6113. If you have not registered for the webcast, click here to register. Your confirmation email will include the link [...]

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Conference for Physicians – Let’s Restore Our Autonomy

Join your colleagues from around the nation to collaborate on actionable ideas to take back our profession. In a week-long national physicians’ townhall gathering, physicians and other leaders will discuss solutions to our most pressing problems, collaborate live with other doctors from around the country, and then vote in support of the top ideas for actionable [...]

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Why Let My Doctor Practice?

Are you tired of your doctor spending more time on the computer than with you?  As doctors, so are we. Government mandates and insurance companies have intruded upon doctors’ relationships with patients. Doctors have lost their voice in this country and in their offices. It’s time to restore the medical profession and the doctor-patient relationship. [...]

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New Speakers Join the Live Summit Program in Beautiful Keystone, CO

Join us in person Friday, July 24 - Sunday morning, July 26 and hear from Dr. Richard Armstrong from Docs4PatientCare Foundation, Parth Desai, ICD-10 Charts, Craig Fuller, coalition-building expert and more. Dr. Richard Armstong with Docs4PatientCare Foundation, will address physicians live and online with his talk, "America’s health care “system” in 2015: How it [...]

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Merritt Hawkins Joins Summit as Survey Partner

We welcome Merritt Hawkins, the nation's leading physician placement company, to Summit. They conduct biennial surveys of US Physicians and will conduct polling during the event. Merritt Hawkins’ commitment to understanding and improving physicians’ workplace satisfaction is unparalleled and we are pleased to highlight their expertise during the Summit at the Summit webcast and in-person [...]

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These Doctors are Passionate About Restoring Doctors’ Rights

We welcome to the Summit program Dr. Rocky Bilhartz and Dr. Kristin Story Held. Dr. Bilhartz's articles on his blog and on really capture the dilemmas and frustrations of how doctors currently have to practice medicine. Dr. Bilhartz will discuss how the quest to improve real quality in medicine has taken a setback in [...]

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Speakers with Solutions

Summit at the Summit: A National Grand Rounds on the State of American Medicine takes place July 20-26, 2015 in Keystone, CO. We are proud to feature speakers leading the field of physician autonomy, including: Paul Teirstein, a leader in the anti-MOC movement, will discuss how he created National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS) [...]

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Tickets on Sale

Join us in Keystone, Colorado, July 20-26, 2015, to be part of the movement to restore the voice of the doctor in the practice of medicine. Summit at the Summit: A National Grand Rounds on the State of American Medicine is a week of engaging keynote presentations, grand rounds, lively panel discussions and interactive workshops. Participate in-person [...]

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