Merritt Hawkins Joins Summit as Survey Partner

We welcome Merritt Hawkins, the nation's leading physician placement company, to Summit. They conduct biennial surveys of US Physicians and will conduct polling during the event. Merritt Hawkins’ commitment to understanding and improving physicians’ workplace satisfaction is unparalleled and we are pleased to highlight their expertise during the Summit at the Summit webcast and in-person [...]

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New Speakers Join the Live Summit Program in Beautiful Keystone, CO

Join us in person Friday, July 24 - Sunday morning, July 26 and hear from Dr. Richard Armstrong from Docs4PatientCare Foundation, Parth Desai, ICD-10 Charts, Craig Fuller, coalition-building expert and more. Dr. Richard Armstong with Docs4PatientCare Foundation, will address physicians live and online with his talk, "America’s health care “system” in 2015: How it [...]

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These Doctors are Passionate About Restoring Doctors’ Rights

We welcome to the Summit program Dr. Rocky Bilhartz and Dr. Kristin Story Held. Dr. Bilhartz's articles on his blog and on really capture the dilemmas and frustrations of how doctors currently have to practice medicine. Dr. Bilhartz will discuss how the quest to improve real quality in medicine has taken a setback in [...]

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Medical Economics Whitepaper Addresses Biggest Threat to Doctors Today

Medical Economics interviewed UPSA President, Dr. Daniel Craviotto on how doctors have lost their voice and influence, and how that has impacted programs such as Meaningful Use. Dr. Craviotto dissects some of the key issues and threats to physicians today and addresses some ideas for carving a new path forward in this whitepaper.

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Resource Guide

The following doctors and organizations regularly discuss doctors’ rights, autonomy in the practice of medicine, and the state of health care.

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We’ve Reached 20% of our Funding Goal!

The movement to Let My Doctor Practice is gaining momentum, and we’re well on our way to reaching our initial funding goal.

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The Art of Medicine Cannot Be Measured by CMS

Dr. Rocky Bilhartz’s article on Why the CMS Should Get Out of Measuring Health Quality delves into the real impending consequences of a quality rating system for both patients and doctors. In the article, Dr. Bilhartz says, “So, how did I do regarding “quality” today? My own assessment is that I just did my [...]

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New Speakers on the Summit Program Prepare Doctors to Regain a Central Role in Health Care

Dr. Arvind Cavale and Dr. Joel Strom have recently joined the list of speakers for Summit at the Summit July 20-26, 2015. New policies and procedures are constantly being introduced and implemented in health care, without a collective doctor voice to test the viability of the programs. Under the guise of “improving patient care”, many [...]

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Physicians Foundation Survey Finds 81% of Doctors Are at Capacity or Are Overextended

A Portrait of Today’s Doctor Infographic provides a summary of key responses from The Physicians Foundation & Merritt Hawkins 2014 survey of 20,000 doctors. Some of the numbers are disheartening; 50% wouldn’t choose medicine for a career if they had it to do over again. With the mandated Meaningful Use program, some less-than-useful EHRs, and [...]

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David Mann, MD Calls for EMRs to be Dissociated from Billing

In this blog post by David Mann, MD on, Dr. Mann suggests an EHR that is patient-centric rather than its current design to maximize patient billing. Check out his article on how to "loose" the medical documentation from the bonds of billing.

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