Are you tired of your doctor spending more time on the computer than with you?  As doctors, so are we.

Government mandates and insurance companies have intruded upon doctors’ relationships with patients. Doctors have lost their voice in this country and in their offices. It’s time to restore the medical profession and the doctor-patient relationship.

Click here to discover why and how doctors have lost their voice and why it is essential to all Americans that we restore it.

More information on how these issues impact patients can be heard in this radio interview with Dr. Michael Strickland of Let My Doctor Practice: click here to listen

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Videos from the Summit 2015 event are available on demand.
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Summit videos we recommend for patient education:

Direct Patient Care, a membership-based method of physician care– Featuring Josh Umbehr, MD of AtlasMD

Healthcare Reform – Featuring David Goldhill, CEO of the Game Show Network, Author of: Catastrophic Care – How American Healthcare Killed My Father and How We Can Fix it

Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom– Featuring Twila Brase, RN, Patient Advocate

Restoring Health Freedom– Featuring Craig M. Wax, DO, Physician, Preventionist, Media Host