Let My Doctor Practice is a nonprofit, growing movement that relies on the support of fellow physicians and organizations who care about changing the medical system. We are grateful for the following organizations for participating in Summit at the Summit and lending their voices to the movement for real change.

Attending Organizations:

Union of American Physicians and Dentists
WikiDoc Foundation
Colorado Medical Society
Texas Medical Association
Florida Medical Society
Idaho Medical Society
Independent Doctors of Idaho
Physicians Organizing Committee
National Board of Physicians and Surgeons
Merritt Hawkins
University of Tennessee
Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation
Independent Institute
Physician’s Council for Responsible Reform
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom
Conscious Medicine
Center for Integral Wisdom
American Medical Association
Surgery Center of Oklahoma
ICD-10 Charts
American Doctors for Truth
Independent Physicians for Patient Independence
Benjamin Rush Institute
Doc Squads
The Physicians Foundation
Liberty Health Share
International Council for Quality Care
HealthcareNotFair.com (Web Series)
Physicians Healthcare Policy
Choice Care Concierge
United Physicians and Surgeons of America