We welcome to the Summit program Dr. Rocky Bilhartz and Dr. Kristin Story Held. Dr. Bilhartz’s articles on his blog and on KevinMD.com really capture the dilemmas and frustrations of how doctors currently have to practice medicine. Dr. Bilhartz will discuss how the quest to improve real quality in medicine has taken a setback in recent years due to increasing government involvement. He will briefly touch on the challenges that exist in this environment and the solutions which actually appear to be much simpler.
Dr. Held, co-creator of Rebel.md, will discuss how government-run medicine’s ensuing moral inversion and perverse financial incentives place physicians in an ethically untenable position. The speaker will address these problematic issues and propose physician-initiated actions that must be taken to salvage Hippocratic medicine, the autonomy to care for our patients, and our profession.
Both talks will be featured during the webcast on Thursday, July 23. Exact times will be available on our schedule page the first week in June.