Summit at the Summit: A National Grand Rounds on the State of American Medicine takes place July 20-26, 2015 in Keystone, CO. We are proud to feature speakers leading the field of physician autonomy, including:

  • Paul Teirstein, a leader in the anti-MOC movement, will discuss how he created National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS) to provide an alternative to the ABIM’s Maintenance of Certification program to reduce demands on physicians’ money and time.
  • Tim Norbeck, Doctor Advocate and CEO of The Physicians Foundation, will discuss the pressing issues for doctors and how we can work together to restore doctor autonomy and joy in the medical profession.
  • Parth Desai, CEO of ICD-10 Charts, will discuss shortcomings in healthcare technology today and his dream to provide completely free, state-of-the-art ICD-10 training and implementation resources for physicians.
  • David Goldhill, CEO of cable-television network GSN and author of “Catastrophic Care: Why Everything We Think We Know About Health Care Is Wrong,”  will share a new path to health care.
  • Craig Fuller, has been on the political side and the association side, serving 8 years in the White House and then heading up several associations, advocating on their behalf in front of congress. He will share his successes with coalition building and how physicians might learn from those lessons to organize, unite and craft messages to create influence in the health care industry as well as in government.

Summit at the Summit will also include speakers sharing their experiences with direct-to-patient care models, opting out of Medicare and other non-traditional options for doctors.

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