Join us in person Friday, July 24 – Sunday morning, July 26 and hear from Dr. Richard Armstrong from Docs4PatientCare Foundation, Parth Desai, ICD-10 Charts, Craig Fuller, coalition-building expert and more.
Dr. Richard Armstong with Docs4PatientCare Foundation, will address physicians live and online with his talk, “America’s health care “system” in 2015: How it developed…how and why we need to shape the future in this century.”
Parth Desai, a medical student who created an ICD-10 conversion program for his father’s internal medicine practice will discuss this new program and how The Physicians Foundation and ICD-10 Charts company have teamed up to offer this product to physician practices nationwide at NO COST!
Tim Norbeck, CEO of The Physicians Foundation, discusses the state of medicine today and will suggest ways in which physicians may be able to regain some of their lost clout.
Craig Fuller, former Chief of Staff to VP George H. Bush, and head of several associations, discusses the importance of uniting as an industry to increase influence. Plus you’ll meet many leaders who will discuss successful alternatives to the current system such as opting out of Medicare and many more topics to inspire and motivate doctors to find joy in their profession and hope for the future. We invite you to cover the mountain with us! We’re borrowing Keystone Resort’s tagline for this Summit: A Mountain of Possibilities.