The mission of Let My Doctor Practice is to mobilize and engage physicians to create a united voice for responsible change in restoring physicians’ autonomy and protecting the doctor-patient relationship. Our goal is to return the practice of medicine to those who actually practice medicine. Our Core Principles guide us to find solutions for the major obstacles impeding physicians’ ability to care for patients, such as: intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship, “Meaningful Use” programs resulting in degradation of the medical record, and health insurers dictating care options over doctors’ recommendations. Our founder and UPSA President, Dr. Daniel F. Craviotto says it best in his article, “A Doctor’s Declaration of Independence,”  stating, “It’s time to defy health-care mandates issued by bureaucrats not in the healing profession.” Dr. Craviotto challenges all physicians to join together, to “change the paradigm,” and to restore the voice of the doctor to the practice of medicine.